Vessel Management

Bulk Carrier Ship Management

For more than 30 years TMC Group have delivered bulker ship management services to a variety of fleet bulk-carrying vessels, with our experience in the marine support service industry and our knowledge of handling a range of vessels from a large fleet of self-unloaders to VLOCs, we are leaders in the industry. TMC Group have a history of reducing your overall operating costs whilst maintaining the highest of safety standards and strict compliance. Our scale of purchasing power will give you an advantage over your competitors when applying for new business tenders.With a strong RightShip rating, your bulkers have the best industry compliance you need to succeed. But struggling to keep your operational costs low could be the obstacle to winning new business. Now it doesn’t have to be. TMC Group are leaders in the marine support service industry, and for over 30 years, we’ve delivered bulker ship management services to a diverse fleet of bulk-carrying vessels, ranging from a large fleet of self-unloaders to TMC Group’s. Together with our proven track record in the highest of safety standards and strict compliance, TMC Group’s scale of purchasing power allows you to reduce your overall average operating costs, and open the door to challenge for business tenders with your competitors – and win. With the largest international Bulker Ship Management company working with you, TMC Group can help you maintain or improve your RightShip rating, and win new business – profitably. TMC Ships

Container Vessel Ship Management

Keeping your vessel on schedule is a high priority and can be costly if this is not achieved. TMC Group maintains a high on-time in port record and we will make sure your container remains on schedule to avoid costly delays. To ensure you maintain your on-time performance, TMC Group will provide you with the best crew, cutting edge onshore IT systems, and the technical expertise to ensure your container vessels always remain on schedule, anywhere in the world.When performance efficiency is key, keeping your vessel on schedule is critical. With our high on-time in port record, we’ll make sure your container vessel stays on course to avoid costly delays. We know port schedule reliability is crucial to maintaining your on-time performance. As the leading marine support service provider to the shipping industry, V.Group’s global scale gives your operations the best crew, cutting edge onshore IT systems, and the technical expertise that ensure your container vessels arrive in port on time, all around the world. And as our experience helps you deliver improved port schedule reliability and efficiency, our marine expertise will help reduce your voyage costs and maximise your operational efficiency at the same time. From feeders to 14,200 TEU units, TMC Group deliver the port schedule reliability you need, with the cost optimisation you want.

Tanker Ship Management

TMC Ships has built a reputation in the oil industry as one of the strongest vetting performances in the market. With over 300 tankers under our management we have maintained a track record worldwide. Oil majors around the world trust us due to our consistent performance, with 20% less rejections than our competitors, less port detentions and incidents whilst maintaining a 99% inspection success rate.With over 320 tankers under TMC Ships management, our global track record and reputation in the oil industry has given TMC Ships one of the strongest vetting performances in the market. TMC Ships has 20% fewer rejections than average, fewer port detentions and incidents, as well as a 99% inspection success rate, so it’s no surprise we’re the trusted supplier to the leading oil majors around the world. And with more than 30 years’ experience in global tanker management, it gives us the competitive edge in the safe transportation of crude, products, chemicals, and LPG/LNG cargo around the world, as well as the strict compliance that helps us control costs and optimise your vessel’s performance As the largest international Tanker Ship Management provider, we’re continually moving forward, improving, and innovating. And with our ability to modify our services to meet the individual needs of your customers and ships, you’ll have the confidence in ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Offshore Ship Management

As part of our world wide service we ensure that safety standards are always followed and maintained to the highest calibre in our offshore operations. With our experience within the offshore and renewable energy markets we are able to offer a range of services to help manage vessels deployed in these sectors. Services we are able to offer include vessel operations management, crew management and recruitment, and technical services.Managing and servicing a fleet of offshore vessels can bring the biggest of safety challenges. But our safety record speaks for itself – and it’s all part of our global service. Leveraging our existing professional expertise and capabilities, we provide a number of management services for vessels deployed within the offshore and renewable energy markets. These services include vessel operations management, crew management and recruitment, and technical services. Taking operational excellence to new levels, our expert teams consistently supply comprehensive management and vital support services for over 100 vessels in the growing offshore market worldwide, including FPSOs, seismic vessels, cable layers, and diving support/subsea units. We have 4,000 offshore specialist fleet crew based around the world, with 10,000 compliant mobilisations every year and a safety record that’s second to none. Our safety standards are comparable to any in-house operation, and we’ll give you the confidence to release fixed costs and quote lower prices to your customers, while increasing vessel use and, ultimately, profitability. Our continuous investment allows us to deliver the cutting-edge technology required for full transparency of your operations, including ShipSure – the marine industry’s only full management platform. And our scale gives you unrestricted access to leading talent, with the power to expand or contract your fleet size quickly and efficiently. TMC Ships Offshore never stands still. We continually benchmark our capabilities, making sure we improve and innovate to give you a flexible and responsive service.

Leisure Industry Ship Management and Operations

TMC Ships is a leisure partner you can trust to be consistent and reliable, we can create flexible solutions for your specific needs providing you with world class systems and resources. We always aim to make our services safe and flexible whilst offering a cost-effective solution. We innovate to enhance safety, performance and efficiency whilst supporting our collective environmental responsibilities. All over the world we are partnered with over 100 vessels who trust us to deliver exceptional service. This has led us to become the leading provider of independent management services for the cruise, ferry and yacht industries. Whether you are an owner, operator or investor in this rapidly evolving industry, our team’s innovative and unique approach to developing tailored solutions for your specific needs, enables you to benefit from our depth of resources, world class systems and global scale to deliver safe, resilient and cost-effective operations. Recognised as the leading provider of independent management services for the cruise, ferry and yacht industries, we are the trusted partner for over 100 vessels globally. Our teams have unique experience in successfully supporting start ups with services ranging from feasibility studies, new building projects, refurbishments and technical and hotel management. Our services are personalised to individual client’s needs, including hotel operation management and catering, as well as itinerary planning and port operations. With our global teams in Asia Pacific, Europe and America you have access to the largest international supply of crew and in-depth knowledge of local regulations to give you the support you need. For a leisure partner you can trust, they don’t come safer, more reliable or efficient than TMC Ships Leisure.


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