Types of Ships

Shipping Industry comprises of individual companies who are responsible for their own recruitment and training. However, these companies have to adhere to National and International Maritime Law.

Merchant Navy officers/ crew are employed on the many types of vessels that make up the commercial shipping industry. These include:


These are passenger ships used for transportation.

Cruise Ships

These are passenger ships used for pleasure voyages.

Dry Bulk Carriers

These carry bulk cargo items such as iron ore, bauxite, coal, cement, grain and similar cargo.

Cargo Container Ships

These carry finished goods packaged in truck-size containers.

Oil and Chemical Tankers

These carry transport of fluids, such as crude oil, petroleum products, also vegetable oils, wine, chemicals etc.

LPG & LNG Carriers

These carry hydrocarbon products such as oil, LPG, and LNG.

Car Carriers & Ros ROs

These are used for transporting cars, trucks and vehicles.

Specialized Supply Support and Rescue Vessels

These are vessels that have onboard machinery and equipments to perform various tasks related to marine industry. Specialized marine vessels include Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Drilling Vessels, Well Intervention Vessels, Ice Breaking Vessels, Cable Laying Vessels, Well Testing Services Vessels, Field Support Vessels, Seismic Vessels, and Fire Fighting Vessels to name a few.

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