What is CDC ?

Amendments for Applying for IndianCDC

The Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate or C.D.C. as it is popularly referred to has been a scourge for many aspiring seafarers with unscrupulous agents duping the unwary into parting with large sums of money for a document that can be easily applied for. The rules for applying for the CDC used to be quite detailed with requirements for a pre-sea course, STCW courses, various age requirements for different ranks as well varying minimum qualifications right from 8th standard pass to a degree from a professional university.
As of 13th January 2018, applications for C.D.C. under the M.S. (CDC) Rules 2001 have stopped being accepted, though all CDC’s issued under that notice would continue to remain valid until their date of expiry
As per M.S. Notice 1 of 2018, applications for the Indian CDC will now have a simplified requirement and procedure. The eligibility for getting the Indian CDC has been simplified to a 10th pass requirement and completion of the 5 basic STCW courses. Of course, one would need to hold an Indian passport and also be deemed medically fit.


Documents required for application for fresher candidates:

» Scan Copy of Passport
» 5 Mandatory basic STCW 2010 courses (EFA/FPFF/PST/PSSR/STSDSD)
» 1 passport size photograph
» Medical done by D.G Shipping approved doctor (not more than 6 months old)

Documents required for application for Experienced candidates:

» Scan Copy of Passport
» 4 Mandatory basic STCW (EFA/FPFF/PST & PSSR)
» 2 passport size photographs
»2 Seaman Book copy with valid 6-9 months sea service stamp
» Medical done by D.G Shipping approved doctor (not more than 6 months old)


Certificate of Competence (CDC) is a certificate, which may be issued to anyone who has successfully completed certain national boating licenses or has passed an examination to prove the necessary competence for pleasure craft operation.

Every seafarer must carry this document while on board, which is also an official and legal record of his sea experience. The master of the vessel signs the document each time a seaman is signed off from the vessel certifying his experience on board. A CDC granted under STCW rules shall be valid for a period of ten years and may be renewed on expiry or within six months prior to date of expiry, on a request from the holder, for a further period up to ten years at a time if the holder is a serving Seamen and his CDC has not been cancelled, withdrawn or suspended under these rules. If the period of validity of CDC of a Seamen expires during the voyage, it shall continue to be valid till the end of the voyage.

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